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Mail Art

I recently joined a 4×6 Mail Art group and I love it. I love the idea of creating pieces of art that are meant to be sent through the mail sans envelope. The Step Outside Your Box challenge this week is to step outside the envelope! Create and MAIL a piece of art with out the envelope. 4×6’s lend themselves to this because it is the size of a postcard. One thing to keep in mind when doing this is that it will be handled many times so it’s important to limit embellishments and to use a good adhesive and even consider coating it w/ a gel medium of some kind. Also use a good sturdy paper, I usually use watercolor paper. And what the heck, if you want to mail your art to me, I’m all for it!!! LOL


Body Parts

hands2The human body can be such a beautiful thing, even though most of us aren’t too happy with the one we currently have, myself included, but we can certainly take pleasure in how others look.  I know many of you have already at one time or another used a face in your art work using collage sheets and photographs, but lets think beyond the face.  I have a sister-in-law that seems to have perfected the use of hands and feet and torsos.  I can hardly walk past one of those hand display things at jewelry stores without thinking of her.  She has several pieces on her blog if you’d like to take a look. Now some of her things may be a bit farther “outside the box” than some may be comfortable with, but it gives you some ideas of just how you can use parts of the body.  So show me your bodies this week LOL  *note* please be tasteful in your artwork, this is a family site. 🙂

Torn Magazines

Ok, I’m having trouble getting pictures to upload here since they changed the posting format.  So todays photo will be a link to my art blog. On there you will find 2 things using torn magazine pages.  One is a 4×6 post card, the other is a 16×24 canvas.  I’ve had this idea in my head for a while and finally found the time to utilize it.  Simply take pages from a magazine and tear them into strips.  I chose a color pallet of red, white and black, but you do whatever suits you.  I found a gel medium was probably the easiest way for me to adhere these strips, but you may find something else.  I do hope you’ll give this weeks  challenge a try.

Christmas Outside the Box

When you think of Christmas 2 colors always seem to come to mind.  I’m not really sure how it came to be that red and green were considered colors of the season, but thats usually what people think of.  Oh sure, we throw in the occasional silver and gold and maybe even a dark blue from time to time. What about orange, or pink, or lime green? Our Christmas tree is silver with black and silver ornaments and it’s beautiful, but not your traditional kind of christmas tree.  So show me your Outside the Box kind of Christmas.

Borrowing Inspiration

tim_tag228The whole internet is a buzz with Tim Holtz’s 12 Tags of Christmas , myself included. He’s a very talented artist and I love the way his mind works.  So for this weeks challenge check out Tim’s site and pick a tag to do and share it with us here.  Ths one here is done using techniques from his day 2 tag.  I added a layer of  UTEE to the top of it to give it a little depth and texture.  Feel free to share as many as you’d like as often as you’d like.  Tim is so good at Stepping Outside the Box.

Transparencies & Acetate


Transparencies and acetate can be sooo much fun to play with!!  The above ATC was done on a thick plastic I cut from the lid of a greeting card pkg.  I used white staz-on to stamp on it.  This is just one thing you can do with it.  If you have collage sheet transparencies that opens a whole other world of ways to create.  Ever wonder what happens when  you turn your heat gun on a transparency?? Check it out!! However, do it carefully and in a room with some ventilation.  See what alcohol inks do on a acetate, then sponge on a white or cream colored ink over the top of that and watch them pop through the other side.  Lets see what kind of Outside the Box creation you can make this week.

Thankful Journal Pages

journal_3051 Most of us have done journal pages or have thought about doing them at one time or another.  Lets take advantage of my most favorite time of the year, Thanksgiving!  This week, lets get out our journal pages and make them all about things we’re thankful for!  Now, here’s the Outside The Box part, everyone knows that you’re thankful for your friends and your family, thats a given, but lets think past the obvious.  Something I do every day w/ several friends of mine on a yahoo group is we do a Daily 5.  Each day we post 5 things that make us happy, and we have to be specific, you can’t just say, your dog, your husband, that kind of thing, you have to say, my husband made the bed this morning, or my dog snuggled on my lap.  So lets think of all those little things like finding the perfect parking spot in the front row and journal about being thankful for them.  I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Whats This All About

Each week a new challenge will be posted. Your task is to then go create!!! When you're done, upload a photo of it to your own blog or website. Then post a comment here with a link to your photo so that we can all see what you've created. WARNING: THIS IS A FLOURISH FREE ZONE!!!!! I love flourishes just as much as the next artist, heck, I've even got one tattooed on the top of my left foot. However, flourishes seem to be IN everyone's box these days. Since this is an OUT of your box challenge, lets refrain from using them for these challenges.